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          With the coming of the new year, also comes an inspiring good news! Just recently, KFAS successfully signed the contract with Shenghong Petrochemical (Lian Yungang) on the coil wound heat exchanger (CWHE) for purificatioin unit of cryogenic rectisol plants.

       Total weight of this CWHE is over one thousand tons, which has become the single-largest order with the largest tonnage and largest contract amount. The signing of this project will surely imporve the economic benefit of KFAS and make a good start on produciton and sales of 2020.

         So far, this project has entered into the preparation stage of design and will be delivered to User by the end of 2020.

       KFAS is the largest CWHE manufacturer inside China. So far, we have completed the design and fabricaition of hundreds sets of CWHEs. Through years of technical innovation, KFAS has tackled the technical difficulties one by one, and successively undertaken the R&D and manufacture missions of several national-grade CWHEs. Among which, the fist LNG CWHE successfully developed by KFAS was sponsored by MIIT in the plan of the LNG technology and was awarded the honor of “Top Ten Outstanding Performance Products” of the 5th China Energy Equipment.Currently, KFAS is cooperating with INET Tsinghua University to jointly undertake the National Key R&D Plan Project-----VHTR Inter-heat-exchanger, which fully highlighted KFAS’s R&D advantages and core competence on CWHE inside China.

       The CWHE serial products developed by KFAS has shared a high prestige of the customers with their stable perforamance and high efficiency since they were put into operation, which has established the high-end quality product image for KFAS in the same industry.

       CWHE has the characteristics of compact structure, high heat transfer efficiency, high pressure retaining and large single-unit process capacity, it can realize the multi-stream heat transfer and excellent compensation on thermal stress. Therefore, this structure enbalbes CWHE a wide application in large fertilizer, air separation, LNG, coal gasification, ethylene plant and nuclear industry.