KFAS¡¯s LNG/FLNG Coil Wound Heat Exchanger Cold Box Skid

Smoothly Passed the Expert Team¡¯s Acceptance

  On Nov. 4, 2021, technical research group for LNG/FLNG coil wound heat exchanger cold box skid held an on-line closing review meeting, General Manager Leng Xuefeng and Chief Engineer Ma Yuan and relevant personnel participated the meeting.

  This research is an industrial application of the 300,000m3/day LNG/FLNG coil wound heat exchanger, the static test and dynamic test simulating the sea-shaking case were carried out based on the industrial application and implementation subject on the research of ¡°Large LNG/FLNG coil wound heat exchanger¡±sponsored by MIIT, China. According to the research tasks and the achievement proposal requirements, KFAS successfully accomplished the manufacture of one FLNG coil wound heat exchanger cold box skid, and passed the review and certification of pressure supervision authority with stable, reliable operation at site, each technical index has been reached as well.

   After listening to the report, the research group expert gave full recognition to the research results and unanimously agreed that this research topic has passed the acceptance. The success of this research topic is the international first, especially under the dynamic test simulating the sea-shaking case, the whole test process was very stable, which has laid a solid foundation for the subsequent industrial application. (By Qin Liujun & Yang Xuan)