KFASs flagship product----40,000Nm3/h ASP supplied for Pingding Chemical

   Group Co., Ltd. of Yangquan Coal Group succeeded in one-time startup

   The 40,000Nm3/h ASP supplied for Pingding Chemical Group Co., Ltd.(PDHG) of Yangquan Coal Group by KFAS succeeded in one-time startup recently. PDHG specifically send a congratulatory telegram for acknowledgement, which says: We are gratefully to inform you that: with the full cooperation and support of Your Company, PDGHs 1st-stage 200,000t/a glycol plant realized full-process start up and produced quality glyocol products on April 30, 2017. The 40,000Nm3/h ASP designed and supplied by KFAS succeeded in one-time startup with stable operation, excellent performance and satisfying service, which strongly support the integral process get-through of the glycol plant.

Due to the complexity and uncertainty of the mega-ASP project, it normally requires 2~3 years or even longer from the contract signing to design, production, delivery, erection, start-up, commission and stable operation. KFAS has realized high-efficiency startup success rate for mega-ASPs depending on its solid R&D and manufacture capability and perfect after service, which has obtained high prestige in ASP industry and laid a solid foundation for development.