KFAS & INET of Tsinghua University jointly signed national key R&D Plan Project

   KFAS News: In the afternoon of Sept. 18, 2018, KFAS and Institute of Nuclear & New Energy Technology, Tsinghua university (INET, Tsinghua university) hold a signature ceremony on joint research of the national key R&D Plan project-----Intercooler for ultra-high-temp. gas-cooled reactor (HTR). The ceremony was participated by the vice director of INET and the related faculties: Professor Wang Jie, Zhao Gang and Peng Wei as well as Mr. Zeng Xiangzhi, Managing Director, Ms. Ma Yuan, Chief Engineer, Mr. Lu Hongwei, Vice General Manager and related department managers and technicians of KFAS.

In earlier stage, INET has made investigations on domestic manufacturers and concluded that KFAS is a subsidiary of the World Top 500 and the large state-owned enterprise HNEC, which has a high prestige and strong growth, which has the highest level and capability on the design and manufacture of coil wound heat exchangers. So finally INET chose KFAS to jointly research on HTR intercooler.

It is said that this project will focus on the break-though of core technology in HTR, determine the power of commercial HTR module, form the preliminary design; tackle the technological difficulties such as structure material tabulation, welding, winding, insulation and assembly and complete the design of commercial-scale intercooler block; a 950 megawatt-grade demonstration intercooler will be built up for thermal verification and check, which will lay a foundation for the subsequent nuclear energy hydrogen producing and process heat application. In this project, KFAS will undertake the manufacture technology research, manufacture facilities construction and demonstration machine building of the megawatt HTR intercooler. HTR can be applied in the substitution of coal-fired plants, desalination of sea water, regional heat supply, petrochemical and nuclear energy hydrogen producing fields, which has a high prospective and good market outlook. This joint research will further elevate the R&D, fabrication and manufacture capability of KFAS in the coil wound heat exchangers in Chinese nuclear field, and will open a new voyage of transformation and green development of KFAS!

Background Information: Institute of Nuclear & New Energy Technology, Tsinghua university (INET, Tsinghua university) is the largest science and technology and design unit in Chinese advanced education, its headquarter is located in Huyu scenic spot of Changping District, Beijing. For more than 40 years, INET has accomplished dozens of national key scientific tackling missions and obtained quite a lot of significant scientific achievements. So far, INET is persisting to the orientation of science for national economic construction and keeping forward towards the world-level advanced R&D base!