3rd Cstage 40,000Nm3/h ASP supplied for Tianye Group, Xinjiang succeeded in one-time startup

   A good news comes from Shihezi, Xinjiang just recently, the 3rd-stage 40,000Nm3/h ASP designed, manufactured and erected (internal pipelines inside the cold box) by KFAS for Tianye Group, Xinjiang succeeded in one-time startup, and has passed the 72-hour performance check with the purity and production reach to or even better than the designed value.

On Aug.21, after the purging of cold box internal pipelines and equipment, bare cooling and perlite filling, the ASP was formally started up. With the low-pressure oxygen, middle-pressure nitrogen and high-pressure oxygen product are delivered out, the ASP runs stably and gradually reaches to the maximum production capacity. So far, oxygen and nitrogen products have all entered into the subsequent process.